First Scientific Publications

Our obvious interest to chemistry in general and to biochemical processes that take place in brain, made us wonder and therefore explain the phenomenon of clinical hypnosis through the laboratory studies of neuromediators and their metabolites.

However, our search were successful only in theory and we have published several articles were we have stated several options for the body’s biological fluid control with the perspectives of their future use for laboratory screening of changed conditions of consciousness.

Our research is mainly devoted to the part of neuromediators that is related to the “system of brain reward” and its dysfunction in people who are psychoactive substances addicts.

Several articles, which were published mainly in Uzbek journals, have theoretic significance due to as the price on reagents is extremely high we couldn’t mange to carry out the actual laboratory research.

The list of published articles on the given topic:

  • Sakellion D.N. (2000). Modulation of catecholamine’s level and other neuromediators as a part of structurally metabolic shift in changed conditions of consciousness. Medical Journal of Uzbekistan, 5. 113-116.
  • Sakellion D.N. and Tashmatov B.A. (2000). On marker properties of some proteins during the brain function disorders. Medical Journal of Uzbekistan, 6. 125-125.
  • Sakellion D.N. (2000). On the possibilities of biochemical monitoring of psychotherapy effectiveness during the changes state of consciousness including toxicomania. Medical Journal of Uzbekistan, 4. 73-75.
  • Sakellion D.N. and Aripov A.N. (2003). Biochemical aspects of drug addiction prevention, diagnosis, and psychotherapy in adolescence. Pediatrics, 1. 123-128.

Therefore, having calculated our financial facilities, we decided to study hypnosis phenomena by the means of neurophysiologic rates of bioelectrical activity of brain.


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