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Within several last years the world has changed beyond recognition. Geopolitical situation, technical progress, computerization, and telecommunications have triggered adhesion of people and their gradual movement towards the virtual world.

This facilitation of working conditions influenced on both physical and mental health of people significantly. Frequent work on computer and computer games, usage of mobile phones, and regular TV watching have dramatically decreased the ability of mankind to adaptation by leaving humanity without natural environment and by leading to sensory deprivation from this environment. As a result, people have started to feel the need in qualified psychological and psychiatric help. Stress situations is appearing everywhere due to when talking on Skype or mobile phone people can only guess about feelings of their interlocutor, but they cannot feel his or her emotions and warmth.

The present state is usually accompanied both by mental disorders (depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.) and by psychosomatic disorders, (high blood pressure, headaches, indigestion, etc,), that sometimes may appear without any vivid reason and have paroxysmal nature and undefined aetiology.

The problem here is that in many cases doctors, psychologists and other specialists responsible for mental state of people very often do not have special psychotherapeutic training and have “way of life” similar to their patients. When addressing such a “specialist”, a suffering person intuitively feels helplessness of this so called a “specialist”.

Rapid development of pharmacological companies and their fabulous income allow doctors to simplify therapy and sometimes irresponsibly recommend medicine. All these prevent patient’s organism from using its own adaptive resources.

Unfortunately, the promotion of healthy way of life is far behind the “network marketing” of medicine distributors.

For the last ten years the growing interest towards psychotechnics, such as psychoanalysis, NLP, autogenic training, and hypnosis, becomes vivid. Nevertheless, not all types of psychotechnics are effective and science-based. For example, National Academy of Sciences of the USA (Adempler and Ustitskis, 1999) claims that spreading system of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is doubtful and hasn’t got any scientific status.

For its part, hypnosis is an adequate method of human psychic examination and this special state of mind can be used both for experimentation and treatment.

Method of hypnotic suggestion seems to be perspective enough for human brain functional activity investigation with the probable changes in behavior (Bragina and Dobrokhodova 1988).

Emulation in effectiveness of psychotherapeutic work is essential for healthy competition. In its turn, this commits phychotherapeutist to self-perfection both in physical, intellectual and in mental and ethical aspects. Hypnologist should be an authority for a patient. It is essential for a doctor to see patient’s a state of physical and physiologic health so that only the appearance and behavior of a doctor get the patient ready for the recovery.

The process of will and character formation is extremely important for a person working with suggestions. When I was a child, our family had a negative attitude towards professional sports. My father used to say, “Who doesn’t have head has legs instead!” That is why the nature itself helped me by creating my active and indefatigable person. Living in a house with a garden, I had opportunity to make a horizontal bar or an athletic apparatus by myself. When racing with one another I got a lot of injuries. In general, the stories my father told me about upbringing in Sparta and people’s feat of arms influenced me in a great deal. In our garden we had a lot of tools and wood; hence, I have shortly mastered joinery. (I still remember it with pleasure.) Working with hands is a real delight. We had a lot of domestic animals in our yard; I took care of them. That is why I came to love animals and nature, became kinder.

Next I studied at school: sports, studies and poetry (probably demands of that age) were among my interests. Then the earthquake shook us in 1966 and we had to change our abiding place: I went to new school. Rakhiliya Georgiyevna made whole our class love chemistry. Plus to that I was especially interested in biology. The career of a doctor was predetermined.

1970. As the majority of Greek families, my parents had started to think about repatriation. My future career in technical sphere was chosen for me by my parents. New school with special emphasis on physics and mathematics lead to problems with probable medical career and made me to move chemistry and biology aside. My height and good physical shape were noticed by pentathlon coaches. Regular trainings distracted my from school subjects. As the result parents forbade me to go in for sports. Thus, I improved school results.

1973. I have entered Electrotechnical University without any problems. I’ve started canoeing and reached the level of candidate to master of sports. Then I got a spine injury. After six months of illness I have entered a karate club and have restored my health soon. Yogi and karate played a major role in the process of my character formation and during my life have helped me lots of times. Probably, they have assisted in training of such features of character as spirit, strength of will and leadership. Within short period of time I have trained a group of 30 people.

1979. Afghanistan. I was the deputy chief signal officer of the Army 11090. It was not a pleasant period in my life. Nevertheless, I have survived…

1986. I moved for permanent residence to Greece where I worked in a military laboratory and on television as an engineer-electrician.

1990. At last!.. I entered Second Medical University in Moscow and then transferred to Second Medical University in Tashkent. The happiest period of my life have started. I managed to do a lot of things… Surgery, obstetrics, reflexology, surgery practice in Greece, psychiatry, and finally Hypnosis!!! Surgeon Ataliev A,E.,my friend and one of my favourite professors, has said once, “Don’t long for the specialty which was mastered long time ago, try to be an exclusive specialist instead.”

Next, my Diploma Work was acknowledged in Greece (with some difficulties I must say) and later I got the Ph.D. in psychophysiology. Despite some obstacles it happened!

So, why did I try to tell my story?! It was not that easy to finally get a chance to model human behavior therapeutically. It is an extremely responsible job and it requires concentration of all human powers that all of us have from the nature, but only several chosen of us use them.

It will be interesting for you to see the vivid facts in favor of “healthy way of life”. Not bothering you with a numerous amount of photos from childhood and adolescence, we will present some pictures for the last ten years basing on which it is possible get the general idea about existing realia.

Canoeing was useful for my physical development

pic1.jpg pic1.jpg

Physical shape is strengthened on a stadium and in mountains: running with 8 kg, of additional weight.

pic2.jpg pic3.jpg

Regular visits to bath strengthen soul and body

pic4.jpg pic5.jpg

Training in boxing club disciplines and strengthens male qualities. At the age of 52 I was boxing in super heavyweight with an opponent (who was 8 kg heavier and 18 years younger than me) for three rounds among veterans. I still don’t forget a punching bag.

pic6.jpg pic7.jpg

Love of horses is in my blood!!! It is the purest and cleverest animal. Hurdle ride helps to understand what riding a horse means!


We are old friends with weight and apparatus!...

pic10.jpg pic11.jpg

At the age of 54 I got Velirofondia (1500 people run 7 km, I was given number 706 and finished among first ten).

pic12.jpg pic13.jpg pic14.jpg

I adore swimming in see! My favourite style is “Dolphin”.

pic15.jpg pic16.jpg

Of course, I should not forget about filial duty – care for my mother.

pic17.jpg pic18.jpg

It’s impossible to read everything… I’ve got a lot to do in a laboratory…

pic19.jpg pic20.jpg

Communication with nature is a pleasure!

pic21.jpg pic22.jpg


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