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To model YOUR Δ-state of the physical and the psychological comfort in HYPNOSIS!!!

D.N. Sakellion, Ph.D.,​

is always eager to help you overcome psychological problems by providing qualified consultancy and psychotherapeutic treatment.

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We consider HYPNOSIS as an efficient psycho-technical method of human behavior simulation offering objectively registered parameters of its positive impact on human psychic system.

We are convinced that having the sufficient background information on our work we can offer the help required to the people in need of psycho-correction. Different educational degrees in engineering, psychology and medicine acknowledged in Europe, just as Ph.D. degree in psychophysiology, allow us to strengthen positions of Clinical Hypnosis and to explain its phenomena from OBJECTIVE scientific positions.

Long experience on hypnology helps us to arrange optimal setting for psychotherapy. Our office is set in a way that makes maximal relaxation possible which leads to productive suggestion. We carry out complex examination of patients.We are ready to show any hypnotic phenomenon of different difficulty level and evaluation criteria to any competent commission.

Experts in hypnosis are usually glad with their subjective opinion and subconsciously impose on their patients feeling of results reality. We, on the contrary, offer real psycho-physiological criteria for our work evaluation which can be hardly questioned by any sceptic.

Uniqueness of the data collected is confirmed on the pages of International Medical Library on PubMed web-site, where you can find information from Neurology and Psychiatry Journal named after Korsakov (Moscow, №6, 2006) by simply typing keywords “sakellion, catalepsy, hypnosis, eeg” in the search bar.

The information presented on our web-site can be interesting for anyone, especially for medics professionals in hypnosis, biologists, psychologists, lawyers, diplomats, and professors and students of medical schools.

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We also work online via Skype and WE GUARANTEE THE RESULT. We are ready to help you or your close people in the setting most convenient for you.

HYPNOSIS via Skype

We carry out online consultation. You can get further information by e-mailing us at sakelliondim@yahoo.co.uk.

All persons interested will receive hypnotherapy session(s) via Skype.

To order a session, you have to prepay it either with credit card or any other money transferring company, and then appoint the time of the session.

You can get further details and agree on time by contacting us:

+30 699 295 04 16

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