Our Work and results

Work with the patient

We offer not simple hypnosis demonstrated by hypnotist; our task is a complex patient examination by the methods of objective hypnosis. What we practice is not one-sided hypnotization; it is cooperation with the patient. Being an active participant of the process, a patient clearly formulates the desired result, increasing efficiency and taking responsibility for the mutually held treatment and final result. After deciding on the initial task, we proceed to step-by-step work.


Comprehensive evalution of patients includes:


1.Psychoanalytic scanning

2. Verification of hypnoability

3. Collection of verbal code

4. Deep catalepsy simulation (modeling)

5. Sensory deprivation testing

6. Brain biorhythms recording and analysis

7. Behavioral encoding

8. Observation of intermediate results of suggestion

9. Objectification of psycho-correction results with the help of EEG

10. Nonverbal polisensory simulation (modeling)


Working with patients, we offer a range of psychophysiological services

  • Study of patient’s personality, emotional reaction, motivation and system of ralations.
  • Analysis of mechanisms and ethiopathogenesis of a disorder.
  • Obtaining by a patient recognition of suffering psychogenesis; ways of problem solving.
  • Correction of inadequate reactions and behavior patterns.
  • Spacing and desensitizing of traumatic event, decrease of its actuality.
  • Overcoming of social isolation.
  • Reduction of somatic disorders.
  • Effective hypnotization.
  • Stimulation of suggestions of individual and personality activity of a patient during hypnotherapy.
  • Study of EEG and psycho-physiological analysis of biological rhythms of the brain

Our therapy results

1. Insomnia
Patient N., 34 years old. After her father passed away she couldn’t sleep for 2.5 months. During our first session in presence of witness, her 15-year-old daughter, she fell asleep for 1.5 hours, snored.
2. Logoneurosis (stammering)
Patient U., 24 years old, student. Stammers since he was 5 years old. We worked via Skype for 1.5 months, spoke four languages (Uzbek, Russian, Greek, and English). Substantial improvement of physiological and psychological states is observed. Now he studies successfully, applied for a job in a consulting firm. Expects to have successful banker carrier.
3. Smoking
Patient X, 32 years, old, businessman. Anamnesis – 15 years. After first session refused smoking. We have found relevant motivation.
4. Vaginism (fear of sexual act on behalf of a woman)
Patient X, 20 years old. 2 years in marriage. During 5 sessions in presence of her mother-in-law we helped her to decrease tension and made it possible for a couple to have sexual relations.
5. Agrophobia (fear of attending public places)
Patient Z, 38 years old. Anamnesis – 18 years. After 10 sessions uses all types of public transportation and travels around Uzbekistan and abroad on his own.
6. Drug addiction
The most difficult group of patients exposed to influence from family and society. However, majority of patients at the age from 18 to 29 years have remission from 2 to 10 years. initiating agents for narcotization resumption are well-to-do parents from disadvantaged families and non-involvement of a patient in remission process.
7. Manic-depressive psychosis
Patient M., 38 years old with manic-depressive psychosis anamnesis for19 years. After labor hormonal changes took place resulting in male pattern hair growth. 7 sessions up to 4.5 hours each, remission for 5 years.
8. Phobia (fear) of sudden death
Patient N, 23 years old. One year earlier she experienced shock from medical error (intravenously injection of Sulfocamphocaine). After 5 sessions pathological behavioral chain was broken. She felt confidence and learnt to remove psychic attack on her own.
9. Experiences sins (mistakes)
Patient of 47 years old with neuritis throes of trigeminal nerve, was repeatedly examined and operated in different clinics worldwide. After 4 sessions he started smiling, came back to work. He has learnt to suppress thoughts and actions causing pain.
10. Adultery
Patient of 50 years old, leading employee, courageous and fearless person. After many attempts to re-establish marital relations he decided to release his wife from suspicion and take a course of deep hypnosis – autopurification (in presence of wife). Fell into state on the brink of anabiosis. The therapy was wonderful due to appeared problems. The family was re-established.
11. Problems with job
Patient of 40 years, businessman. After unsuccessful deal became desperate and indifferent to work, suffered losses. After 12 sessions the situation stabilized, previously depressing working place became appealing once again, family and wok interrelations changed for good.
12. Impotence
A large group of patients suffered from either psychological stress or stress plus infection. After pharmaceutical therapy it is necessary to enhance state of mind, restore motor activity and self-confidence. And of course get rid of bad habits (smoking, alcohol, computer games, television and so on). In majority of cases 5-7 sessions are enough for complete restoration of potency.
13. Alcoholism 
This is one of the most difficult and unfortunately encouraged by the society behavioural problem. Favourable conditions are: favourite job, close-knit family, hobbies, friends from happy families and active way of life. Unfavourable conditions are: no family, job connected with constant uncontrolled enrichment, smoking, absence of spirituality-stimulating activities (theatres, concerts, cinema, exhibitions and so on), sedentary life.
However, it is possible to cure alcoholism once and for all! Provided the following of social rules and a wish to have good perspectives in life.
14. Overeating (obesity)
If there are no endocrinological diseases and a patient is truly wishes to lose weight (strong-willed spirit), it is possible to lose excess weight forever within 10 sessions and with the help of psychotherapy to change your place in society.


We can offer you the electroencephalographical (EEG) examination in hypnotic state with psychophysiological analysis of EEG-parameters and relevant therapeutic recommendations.


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