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Studding at medical university was splendid! So many sciences and everything about human!!!

I was learning all subjects excitedly. And I was best during practical classes: I was already 35 years at that time. I liked all subjects…

However, I have noticed that other alternative sciences for human health resumption were developing. It was the dawn of Chinese medicine. I took great interest in acupuncture and massage. At that time I have built up one of the richest libraries about reflexotherapy. I took acupuncture courses. I clearly understood that psychic plays here an important role too. A lot of schools had their own trends, but I was mostly impressed by Kiev school (Samsonyuk - Macharet) and St. Pitersburg school (auri – acupuncture - Gavrelyan). Both schools looked at reflexotherapy through the reaction of brain structures.

Then for a long period of time I worked in obstetrics and gynecology. Here I paid special attention to the psychological state of pregnant women (amazing - two lives in one body).

Later, but still being a student, I worked in surgical departments both in Uzbekistan and Greece. By the time of graduation from the Medical University, I had already been assisting as second and even as first assistant during different operations. In addition, as a surgeon I have personally performed several not sophisticated abdominal operations.

While working in Greece as an assistant during neurosurgical operations, when the parts of human brain were removed, I understood the importance of this organ for the vital activity of an individual.

And finally psychotherapy… Duty, examination and questioning of patients, and pharmacotherapy…. My mature age and experience as a doctor allowed me to make the further conclusion, “All pharmacotherapy in the whole world can palliate pathological symptoms only temporary, but it is not capable of changing pathological stereotypic behavior of a patient in its core.”

From this I concluded that only correctly planned, in other words, constructive psychotherapy can cardinally help a person with mental diseases. Hypnosis with its unlimited possibilities for modeling the changed consciousness may be the most effective method in this case. The choice was made! We have started the scientific research on the hypnosis and brain processes that accompany this state.


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