Shortly about Upbringing

I was born on May 1, 1956, to an international family in Tashkent. 
In childhood I lived in an Uzbek makhala called “Working Town” in Kirovskiy region. 
My father, an Officer of Greek Royal Guard, taught me to like animals and labour, told me about Greek Mythology, about labours of Hercules, and tragedies by Ancient Greek authors. 
My mother, a Polish woman from dispossessed kulaks in West Ukraine, taught me to be thorough, careful and independent. 
My grandmother, Polish noblewoman, taught me manners, romanticism, and not easy skill of being patient. 
My grandfather, holder of the Cross of St. George for participation in World War I, taught me reticence, responsibility, and the instinct of self-preservation. 
My mother’s middle brother, who was imprisoned during Stalin rule for eight years, inculcated courage into me. 
My mother’s younger brother taught me calligraphy and effective writing skills. 
My brother taught me being strict and being a leader. 
Makhala and daily walk to school and back home taught me both to fight and to reach compromise. 
My Literature teacher taught me to write poems. 
My Chemistry teacher taught me to love nature. 
My English language teacher taught me speaking skills. 
My History teacher taught me philosophy of Epicurus and elocution. 
My Mathematics teacher developed logic, volumetric thinking, and ability to foresee future. 
At school I sang in chorus, danced in amateurish performances, and played the piano. 
At elementary school, despite that there was no special encouragement on behalf of my family, I played basketball and volleyball, At high school I went in for pentathlon. When I was entering the electrotechnical university, I became interested in canoeing were I reached the level of candidate to master of sports. After the spine injury I started going in for karate and yogi due to which I have regained my health. 
Nowadays I still box and take part in veterans` competitions in Greece, I go swimming, visit track and fields club of marathoners, ride a horse, and visit sauna. 
I like going to organ music concerts, ballet, opera, and picture galleries. I am also interested in literature on philosophy.


Sakellion Dimitrios

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