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In order to understand hypnotic phenomena and the method itself, besides improvement of practical skills we had to study all its aspects on the international level starting from psychological testing to laboratory experiments. The main role in the perception of the subject played my teaching of background information about hypnosis in medical universities in Tashkent. This helped me to concentrate all the theoretical knowledge I possess so that to improve information presentation and to hone practical skills in front of big audience. Moreover, q numerous amount of questions asked by the students gave me a chance to rethink teaching material.

I’ve started my teaching career on the Psychology Faculty at the National University if Uzbekistan. My lectures attracted attention on behalf students of senior courses and instructors of humanities. We have tried to involve the audience in the discussion process of the material taught and in the participation in hypnotic phenomena demonstration. Among course attendees the volunteers were chosen for the further examination in neurophysiologic laboratory.

Moreover, we performed phenomenon of group hypnosis by the means of “momentary cataleptic state”.

University and faculty’s administration was satisfied with our work and they encouraged our classes. By administration’s authority of the Central Municipal Psychiatry Hospital, for several times we have invited there students so that to familiarize them with nosology and methods of psychotherapy.

Students were very pleased with the way classes were held in clinic conditions.

From 2008 cooperating in research with the National University of Uzbekistan and Tashkent Medical Academy, we annually give courses on psychotherapy and medical psychology to instructors and students, and we continue the research on the topic “Objectification of psychotechnically-modulated derivational phenomena” in the Research Center for Disabled People. I have held conferences on hypnosis.


Agreement that were signed with the Research Institute of Uzbekistan in the sphere of collaboration in the study of brain and EEG objectifying.


Student of senior course of the Psychiatry Faculty Muslimov R. voluntary participates in the experiment and models catalepsy and by these means improves his practical skills.


Personal experiments with EEG and their results discussion with colleagues.

Our goals:

  • Teaching students theoretical and practical methods of suggestion.
  • Consulting instructors on psychophysiology and psychotherapy.
  • Preparation of recommendations for practical lessons.
  • Writing a practical manual on psychotherapy.
  • Establishment of school of Uzbek hypnosis and continuity of generations in hypnosis.

Psychologists and doctors taught by us are already working in Tashkent and they got enough knowledge and experience so that hypnology took an important role in the cohort of psychotherapeutic methods of suggestion. It is very important that the science of future – psychophysiology – is being developed in Uzbekistan. Since 1999 legal Institute of Therapeutic Hypnosis (Ελληνηκο Ινστιτουτο Θεραπευτικης Υπνοσης) works in Athens, Greece, and I am its member. It is time to create something similar in our motherland Uzbekistan.

And finally, I’ve started giving lectures to senior courses students, masters and resident at Tashkent Medical Institute. Khodzhaeva, M.D., assisted us a lot in providing lecture rooms and time for our lectures. In my opinion, medical students and masters were less attentive to the psychotherapy process probably due to their conservatism regarding pharmacological treatment of psychic nasologies. However, there were several interested listeners.

Our mentor and quite progressive person in strategy and practice of modern science Prof. Aripov, having paid regard to our subject matter, invited us to hold lectures for medical workers at the Institute of Pediatrics. The audience was large enough and the demonstration of clinical hypnosis was successful.

Nowadays, in world practice effective methods of psychotherapy are one of the main issues in general psychology and medicine; consequently, the interdisciplinary study of these sciences with neurophysiology will give substantial result.

In the opinion of modern scientists hypnosis is an adequate method of human psychic state study and a special yet a few studied state of brain that can be used both for experimental and medical purposes. Method of hypnotic suggestion seems to be perspective enough for the study of functional activity of brain with the possible changes in behavior.

Being involved in the study of psychotherapy for many years, we have carried out lots of in-deep theoretical, clinical and psychophysiological researches on hypnotic phenomena. We have found out that the hypnoability is a positive criterion for the assessment of human personal characteristics and that the concept of volitional processes suppression in hypnotic state had no scientific evidence.

The EEG parameters we’ve got in studies indicate rather that volitional processes in hypnotic state are strengthened and human brain becomes more adaptive to the surrounding stressors.

Hypnosis, which is a well known and quite controversial method of psychotherapy, during its whole history of existence, constantly faces criticism and sometimes it is groundless and is on behalf of non-specialists.

We have set a goal to clarify the present condition about hypnosis and to make everything possible to protect this method form unfounded attacks from conservative doctors and psychologists. This fact is also the reasoning of our teaching profession.


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