Working as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist for more than 30 years, we came to the conclusion that when treating a patient with Clinical Hypnosis, it is important to prepare the patient with medication, which increases his suggestibility and, consequently, the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.

Depression during PANDEMIA

Depression is a mental condition characterized by depressed mood, pessimism, lack of pleasure in life and hobbies, and difficulty remembering and concentrating.

According to the World Health Organization, depressive disorder affects more than 300 million people worldwide. One of the main causes of disorder is stress: negative events in life (separation, loss of work or valuable property, death of a loved one), long-standing conflicts with relatives, colleagues, acquaintances. Women of any age are especially susceptible to such reactions.


Velaxin retard (capsules) is the most studied and most commonly prescribed drug from the SISNR group (Selective Inhibitor of Serotonin and Norepinephrine Reuptake).


We have studied the features of the thymoanaleptic action of Velaxin-retard (capsules) in the treatment of moderate and severe depression by psychotherapy in Hypnosis.

The study recruited patients aged 18 to 65 years with ICD-10 diagnosed recurrent depressive disorder (F32.1), moderate or severe depressive episode (F33.1 or F33.2), bipolar affective disorder (F31): episode of moderate or severe depression (F31.3 and F31.4).

Velaxin-retard (capsules) was administered in a single daily dose of 75 mg / day with a subsequent increase in the dose to 150 mg / day in 2 doses during the first week. In case of insufficient effectiveness of the drug, the dose was increased to 225 mg / day. The dose was increased in 3 weeks after the start of therapy. The average daily dose of venlafaxine was 137.5 mg / day.


The effect of therapy comes quickly enough, already on the 4th day, depressed mood, pessimism were removed, sleep and appetite normalized, satisfaction from life and favorite activities appeared, memorization of information and concentration of attention improved.

Already on the 7th day of psychotherapy with Hypnosis (7 consecutive sessions) with the thymoanaleptic effect of Velaxin-retard (capsules), there was a disappearance of anxiety and lethargy, a general improvement in mood, an improvement in appetite was observed.

The patients noted an improvement in the quality of sleep, it became deeper, and a feeling of cheerfulness returned when waking up in the morning.

Objectively, the patients became more contact, more active in conversation, noted that the interest in the usual circle of occupations and hobbies, lost during the period of depression, was beginning to recover.

Velaxin-retard (capsules), used in different doses, has different effects on the reduction of depressive symptoms.

So, Velaxin-retard (capsules) at a dose of 75-150 mg / day affects mainly serotonergic transmission and is similar to SISNR. For the group of patients taking Velaxin-retard (capsules) at doses up to 150 mg / day, there was a reduction in the anxiety / inhibition ratio.

It should be noted the high efficiency of Velaxin-retard (capsules), and, what is especially important, the 50% reduction in symptoms occurred quite quickly, at the 2nd or 3rd week of therapy.

The strategy of rapid dose escalation, allowing full use of the dose-dependent effect of Velaxin-retard (capsules), is especially useful in the treatment of severe depressive disorders in stationary conditions. Velaxin-retard (capsules) used in high doses (more than 150 mg / day) showed itself as predominantly sedative, while in lower doses it had a more balanced effect.

The drug is quite well tolerated. None of the patients had serious adverse events; the overwhelming majority of side effects were dose-dependent and were observed mainly in the first 2 weeks of therapy.

Considering the rather pronounced sedative effect of the drug in the first weeks of therapy and the ability to manage it depending on the dose dynamics, as well as the rapid reduction of sleep disturbances and the balanced nature of the action after 3 weeks of therapy, it can be noted that Velaxin-retard (capsules) is one of the optimal drugs of choice for depressed patients on an outpatient basis.


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